Great Rooms, reliable service, for cheaper than

our Motto is:

Great Rooms,  reliable service, for cheaper than


We give you great Rooms, with much better space and quality than average,

We offer to you an effective and reliable  service which will make your staying in Rome nice and relaxing while living our very Italian and exclusive neighbourhood.

We will accept your reservation through  our  in-house automated with e-commerce driven  reservation system - at very much cheaper rate of and other online travel agencies. For you Guests  means no fees to pay with same quality and protection.

Ciao ed a presto!



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No data business, no ads, no fees.

This reservation system is owned by B&B Savoia itself. Your advantages in this are:

  • More privacy. We don't trade your data.
  • Cleaner experience. Did you notice there's no extra Ads anywhere here? Can you feel how relaxing is it? We only give you what you really need. 
  • More value. You are directly buying from the owner. No one in the middle charging more money than necessary :)

We believe having our own reservation platform is good for you and for us as well. Thanks for supporting this project.


This reservation platform is made of Bee Hotel