Late Checkin

Zaino self checkin

We always love to welcome you in person. This usually happens in the morning. Find more details in the checkin page (day time)

Unfortunately, this is sometimes just not doable. If you plan to arrive later than 19:00, please install  the "eWeLink" Smart Home APP and get in touch via WhatApp. You will receive details for your late checkin.

"Late check in" is available from 19:00 till no later than 22:00. The charge is 18,00€. 

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No data business, no ads, no fees.

This reservation system is owned by B&B Savoia itself. Your advantages in this are:

  • More privacy. We don't trade your data.
  • Cleaner experience. Did you notice there's no extra Ads anywhere here? Can you feel how relaxing is it? We only give you what you really need. 
  • More value. You are directly buying from the owner. No one in the middle charging more money than necessary :)

We believe having our own reservation platform is good for you and for us as well. Thanks for supporting this project.


This reservation platform is made of Bee Hotel