Temple of Diana (Villa Borghese)

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Tempio di Diana, Roma

The temple of Diana is a small circular single-temple temple in neoclassical style located in Viale della Casina di Raffaello, inside the park of Villa Borghese (Rome). It was built by Antonio Asprucci in 1789 at the behest of Marcantonio IV Borghese (1730-1800).

The temple owes its name to the life-sized Lunense marble statue of Diana that originally housed the Caristian marble base still present in the temple, an Hadrianic copy of the Greek original representing the Goddess of the Hunt dressed in cassock and peplum in the process to extract an arrow from his quiver , restored by Vincenzo Pacetti's workshop and now preserved in the Louvre Museum.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Dario di Giorgio


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