We live in a Condominium

The B&B Savoia is located inside the Condominium of "Via Savoia, 72"
As read on Wikipedia [link], condominiun (latin word, in italian we say "Condominio") is a common property where many private apartments share same areas and services (hallways, elevators, exterior areas, etc)
Here's a few usefull tips for people leaving in a Condomiunium:

1). respect other people privacy and peace;
2). don't halt nor stick around in shared areas;
3). don't be loud;
4). when in doubt, promptly contact the staff.

Knowing everybody will follow above suggestions, you can be sure you'll have a nice and pleasant staying at the B&B Savoia.
Architectural note
Our  Condominiun was built around the 1920. At the age, there were differents material and technique of construction, and - if we compare those with the more recent buildings - we can safely say that old technique were many times better.
Main walls of the apartment  are 90 centimeter width. That meas:

You will not hear your neighbors talking from next  room (which mean your room is  nice and silent)
Rooms are fresh at summer and warm at winter (we're happy we can do without air conditioning)

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