Trastevere is seen at bet at night.
You'll find lots of restaurants, pizzerie, pubs, osterie, trattorie providing the complete choice of Italian food.

We suggest this walk:

  • (A) Campo dei Fiori at 6pm.
    Perfect for your Apetizer in a very populated square from late afternoon and on, till late night.
  • (B) Trastevere at 8pm
    ... Trastevere is the best place in city to get great Italian food at reasonable prices. There are dozens of quality restaurants in this area. A few are listed below; prices for a pizza or pasta dish with some wine or beer and bruschetti are around 12-15 euro and should not exceed 20 euro per person, though if you want to spend more you certainly have the option. Restaurants tend to open much earlier here than in other parts of Rome, mainly to cater to tourists as no self-respecting Roman would go out for dinner before 20.00. ... [from]
  • (C) Get into the Ghetto through the Isola Tiberina bridge. Follow direction in map and walk by The Porticus Octaviae (portico of Octavia; Italian: Portico di Ottavia), an ancient structure in Rome. Built by Augustus in the name of his sister, Octavia Minor, at some time after 27 BC, in place of the Porticus Metelli, the porticus enclosed within its colonnaded walks the temples of Jupiter Stator and Juno Regina, next to the Theater of Marcellus. It was burned in 80 and restored, probably by Domitian, and again after a second fire in 203 by Septimius Severus and Caracalla. It was adorned with foreign marble, and contained many famous works of art, enumerated in Pliny's Natural History.
  • (D)Fontana delle Tartarughe
  • (E)Torre Argentina. Here, you can get a bus for the way back at the B&B Savoia
    • . 63
    • . 60N (after midnight)

    Both these busses will bring you back at Piazza Fiume, for an happy end of your night in Rome

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