If you like espresso coffee, and you want to try the typical italian short - very -dark-coffee , you 'll find here, at the Bed and Breakfast Savoia, all what you need for it!

We are not talking about some electric machine of something like that.

We have choosen for you a typical italian coffee machines Bialetti Brikka and the best grounded italian coffee [Illy Caffe]

The Brikka coffee machine has the particularity that will give to you coffee for two with the special cream on the top.

To have a proper coffee' with the spacial cream, please do follow these directions ("source www.bialetti.com").

  • Making Brikka coffe - step 1Fill the little boiler with water up to the notch inside. Always use the special measuring device filled up to the mark. Easy, isn’t it?
    Tip #1: Make sure to use the correct quantity of water. If it’s too much, hot coffee might leak from the top of the coffeepot and soil the cooker.

  • Making a Brikka coffee - step 2Fill the filter with ground Moka coffee without pressing.
    Why? There’s an excellent reason, you’ll see.
    Tip #2: Use medium to coarse ground espresso coffee.

  • Making a Brikka coffee - step 2Screw the coffeepot tightly without applying leverage to the handle and make sure that the valve inside moves freely. Place Brikka with its lid raised on a small but intense source of heat. If you have an electric hob or a ceramic-topped cooker, select medium power. Done? Good.
    Tip #3: The flame should not exceed the bottom edges of the coffeepot, otherwise the handle will overheat.

  • Making a Brikka coffee - step 4After about two or three minutes you will see a few drops of coffee and hear Brikka’s characteristic puffing noise, you will see that in 3/4 seconds a wonderful creamy froth has formed beneath the inside valve. Now remove Brikka from the heat and pour the coffee into the cups. So, do you like this novelty? Concentrated coffee with a creamy froth.
    Tip #4: After the coffee has come out do not leave Brikka on the heat source, otherwise the creamy froth will disappear and the coffee will boil over and come out of the top of the coffee-pot.

  • Making a Brikka coffee - step 5Pour the coffee into the coffee cups, spread the creamy froth evenly and enjoy the novelty.
    Tip #5: To best savor Brikka, close your eyes and relax.

We hope you'll love it!

"We simply want our guest to have a pleasant staying at our place, and - eventually - getting a little bit more inside the italian lifestyle."