Dal B&B Savoia alla sede Enel Viale Regina Margherita

La passeggiata dal B&B Savoia alla Sede Enel di Viale Regina Margherita di Roma dura soltanto pochi minuti (meno di 10 minuti), lungo via Savoia a lato della bellissima Villa Albani (visite su prenotazione)

The B&B Savoia Area

Oct 2013 update : we have now a Walk Planner

From B&B Savoia to Via Tirso

You can walk from B&B Savoia to Via Tirso in a few minutes, through the Shopping area of Via Salaria and Via Po.
Note: in Via Tirso you'll find several small hadcradt shops. Interesting.

Eating out at Trastevere and walk nearby

Trastevere is seen at bet at night.
You'll find lots of restaurants, pizzerie, pubs, osterie, trattorie providing the complete choice of Italian food.

We suggest this walk:

  • (A) Campo dei Fiori at 6pm.
    Perfect for your Apetizer in a very populated square from late afternoon and on, till late night.
  • (B) Trastevere at 8pm

From B&B Savoia To Spanish Step by Villa Borghese

This is a 45 minutes walk through the Villa borghese Park.
Best to do this in the morning,

  • (A) Walk Via Savoia, Via Isonzo till the entrance of the Villa Borghese Park
  • (B) Walk right till the Galleria Borghese
  • (C)Walk till Fontana dei Cavalli Marini
  • (D) Walk aside Piazza di Siena along Viale dei Cavalli Marini and Viale Pietro Canonica
  • (E) Walk aside Casina Valadier
  • (F) Get the Roman Panorama Overview from the Pincio Balcony

Roman Walks

Roman walks, what a passion.
Here's a selection of walks we suggest to our guests

We are in the city centre of Rome

"Via Savoia" is a very calm street in the quartiere "Trieste/Parioli" residential area of Rome

Very close to Termini Station, historical center, museums , shopping centers and - as you may see from the side map - between the most beautiful parks of the town

In the Area you'll live as Roman. Just stroll around and to see people living, working, shopping, jogging, relaxing and spendind their life here.

If you're going for the most famous roman spots, jus take a look at the Transport Page. You'll see how to get to the most important places in the historical area in a a few minutes.

Note:Underground in Rome at only 2 lines at today(not enough). We suggest to move by bus. 10 minutes average to get there.