Ciliegio Room [Cherry]

Ciliegio, 1 double kingsize bed or 2 single beds

Very silent and calm. The name of this rooms comes after the cherry (italian: Ciliegio) tree we had in the courtyardyou. At today (may 2013), the view gives an Orange tree and more smaller growing in the spafe left from the old Cherry tree.

Original forniture and tiles from the begin of 20th century.
The Cherry room has a private bathroom with shower, just in front of the room

Ciliegio Room has:

  • private inroom bathroom
  • private inroom safebox

Size: 14 square meters + bathroom

Room Set up

Allestimento camere

Rooms at the B&B Savoia are provided with following features:

In your own Room

  • keyring
  • king size bed (splittable in two single beds at Venezia and Ciliegio)
  • TV with internation News Channels
  • chairs
  • sidebed
  • wardrobe with hangers
  • safebox
  • desktop @(Ciliegio Room)
  • Exclusive Bathroom (ensuite at Venezia and Magnolia, aside for Ciliegio
  • hairdryer
  • towels (3 per person)
  • bedlinen
  • blanket
  • SelfControlled temperature (beetween 16° and 20 Celsius).

    Low Footprint

    We love keeping our FootPrint low!

    With the excellent thermal insulation provided by the building perimeter walls over 50cm wide, night temperature is easily manteined between 16° and 20°.

    Shared features:

    • Full Equipped Kitchen
    • Wifi Connection
    • Internet Workstation
    • 2 comfortable desks

    We are always interested in listening your comments and suggestions about.

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We live in a Condominium

The B&B Savoia is located inside the Condominium of "Via Savoia, 72"
As read on Wikipedia [link], condominiun (latin word, in italian we say "Condominio") is a common property where many private apartments share same areas and services (hallways, elevators, exterior areas, etc)

B&B Savoia Map - Rooms, Bathrooms and kitchen

B&B Savoia Map - Rooms, Bathrooms and kitchen

Here's B&B Savoia Rooms, private bathrooms, shared facilities and services.

As you can see, we have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen

Please, feel free to ask which room you prefere.

We'll do our best to give you our best offer suiting your needs

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