Driving from Florence (Tuscany) to the B&B Savoia - Roma

Distance from Tuscany to Rome is approx 300km, and 3 hours of save driving the Italian motorway "A1 - Autostrada del Sole"

You can reach easily the outside of Rome by following indication you'll find on the motorway.
You'll read: ROMA - GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare)

Once there,

  • Get on the GRA (external, to Aurelia)
  • Leave the GRA at Salaria (Center of the City)
  • Follow Via Salaria till Via di Villa Albani (on the left after 30 minutes driving)
  • Turn right on Via Brescia
  • Congrats! You are arrived at the B&B Savoia

      Map details:

Dall Autostrada (Nord) al B&B Savoia

Nella mappa di questa pagina trovimoa le informazioni per raggiungere il B&B In auto, per chi viene dalle Autostrade (provenienza NORD).

A parole,

  • procedere dalle Autostrade verso il GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare)
  • prendere la corsia esterna
  • uscire a Salaria - Roma Centro
  • proseguire per via Salaria fino a Via di Villa Albani (sinistra)
  • Voltare a destra a via Brescia e si e' arrivato al B&B Savoia

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Silo Car Park by the B&B Savoia

note: price and rates exposed here may change without notification. Currently updated a september 08. Please refer to the company for an updated offer

There are a few car park on payment by the B&B Savoia.Here's a list:

(B) Auto Silo Car Park this is just one block away from the B&B Savoia

Staying Safe

The most common menace, especially in large cities (particularly Rome), is the plague of pickpockets and roving gangs of gipsy children who virtually surround you, distract you, and in the confusion try to steal your purse or wallet. Never leave valuables in a car, and never travel with your car unlocked. In these uncertain times, it is always prudent to check the U.S. State Department's travel advisories at