Free Breakfast

Free Breakfast at B&B Savoia
The B&B Savoia offers a free healthy breakfast basket containing*:

  • yoghurt
  • small cake
  • a fresh season fruit

Milk, coffee, the, camomile and more infusions at will.

Roma, Arte Stile

When at the B&B Savoia, you can use the fully equipped kitchen for your breakfast and meals.

We noticed the "made in italy" "FRABOSK Cappuccino Creamer 6 Cups" we have here has lot of success... and many of our guests asked:
"Where can I buy your cappuccino creamer?"

We forwarded the question to the producer which came back with a list of shops. Arte Stile, located in Via del Corso was the closest.

Last time our geust buought one of that they charged 25~ Euro for one cappuccino creamer.
You can buy some cheapest one.


Arte Stile
via del corso 149
Roma, RM
41° 54' 13.3488" N, 12° 28' 45.4116" E

Our Breakfast

Our Breakfast

We provide a self catered breakfast with:
. milk
. yoghurt
. fruit juice
. a selection of pastries

Fresh fruits and special diet food can be booked as extra during the reservation process. Some particular kind of milk, your favourite cereals, or more food your diet may require, please let us know.We'll do the best to come to your needs.