We live in a Condominium

The B&B Savoia is located inside the Condominium of "Via Savoia, 72"
As read on Wikipedia [link], condominiun (latin word, in italian we say "Condominio") is a common property where many private apartments share same areas and services (hallways, elevators, exterior areas, etc)

Here's a few usefull tips for people leaving in a Condomiunium:

Knowing everybody will follow above suggestions, you can be sure you'll have a nice and pleasant staying at the B&B Savoia.

Architectural note
Our  Condominiun was built around the 1920. At the age, there were differents material and technique of construction, and - if we compare those with the more recent buildings - we can safely say that old technique were many times better.
Main walls of the apartment  are 90 centimeter width. That meas: