We are in the city centre of Rome

"Via Savoia" is a very calm street in the quartiere "Trieste/Parioli" residential area of Rome

Very close to Termini Station, historical center, museums , shopping centers and - as you may see from the side map - between the most beautiful parks of the town

In the Area you'll live as Roman. Just stroll around and to see people living, working, shopping, jogging, relaxing and spendind their life here.

If you're going for the most famous roman spots, jus take a look at the Transport Page. You'll see how to get to the most important places in the historical area in a a few minutes.

Note:Underground in Rome at only 2 lines at today(not enough). We suggest to move by bus. 10 minutes average to get there.

In the B&B Savoia Area

Even if the center of the town is extremely close to the Bed and Breakfast Savoia, consider the many attractive points of the area around Savoia street (Via Savoia), a very calm residential street immerse in the history and the culture.

Restaurants and covered market Around Piazza Alessandria, there's plenty of traditional restaurants and pizzerie.
In the morning, the covered marked; very useful for buying groceries. Nearby, many supermarkets.
If you just want a drink, you'll find a lot of pubs and disco to enjoy the Roman nightlife till morning.

Shopping center Located in via Salaria, one of the most exclusive street for the Roman shopping, the Rinascente (named after Gabriele D'Annunzio's inspiration) is the historical Italian shopping center founded in the begin of 20th century, where you'll find the main Italian fashion taylors.
And don't forget Via Veneto,the famous Fellini's " Dolce Vita" street of course,with its amazing Luxury Hotels, its Night Clubs, the Hard Rock Cafe' in front of the U.S. Embassy and several fine Restaurants,  just a few blocks away.

Art and Culture

Artistic activities in the area:


  • Museums
    • Galleria Borghese: very rich of painting and statues. The only Caravaggio painting and Canova's Paolina Borghese statue are worth it. Plus, you may spend a night,in Summertime, at the new Globe Theatre

    • M.A.C.RO Contemporary Art Museum of Rome
    • Villa Torlonia, where you may enjoy the painted glasses museum at the Casina delle Civette



Business and Public Administration

There are the offices of Public Administration and private companies in the Bed and Breakfast Savoia Area

  • Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze
    Dipartimento del Tesoro
    Via XX Settembre, 97
    00187 Roma

  • Ministero delle Infrastrutture:
    Piazzale Porta Pia, 1 - 00161 Roma - centralino 0644121

  • Ministero dei Trasporti:
    P.zza della Croce Rossa 1- 00187 Roma centralino Tel. 06.59081
    Viale dell'Arte, 16 - 00144 Roma - centralino 0659081
    Via G. Caraci, 36 - 00157 Roma - centralino 0641581

  • Ministero Infrastrutture E Trasporti Amministrazione Lavori Pubblici
    Via Nomentana, 2
    00161 Roma (RM)
    Tel. 06 44121

  • Ministero Risorse Agricole Alimentari E Forestali
    Via Sallustiana, 10
    00187 Roma (RM)
    Tel 06 4884353

  • Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma
    Viale Castro Pretorio 105
    00185 Roma
    Tel. +39 0649891
    Fax: +39 064457635

  • Biblioteca europea
    Via Savoia, 15
    00198 ROMA
    tel. 06/97601454

  • Facolta' di Sociologia
    Via Salaria, 113 – 1° piano (adiacente aula B14)
    - SOrT: tel. 0649918493
    - Presidenza: tel. 0649918497
  • Instituto Cervantes
    Via di Villa Albani, 14/16
    00198 Roma
    Tlf.:39 06 853 73 61
    Fax:39 06 854 62 32
  • Goethe-Institut
    Via Savoia, 15
    00198 Roma

  • Auditorium Via Rieti
    Via Rieti 13
    00198 Roma
    Tel. 06 85358122 Fax 06 85358138

Food and Wine

Lots of resturant and enoteche (wine bar) in the Area

In the historical center fo the city you'll find a lot of restaurant, pizzerie, pubs, take away, etc, etc.

We suggest you anyway to stay in area.
The Piazza Alessandria Area and more street in our quartier will offer you a wide choice of meals, in an original italian enviroment.

  • Piazza Alessandria
  • Via Castelfidardo

Sport Activities

If you want to keep fit while in Rome, not far from the Bed and Breakfast Savoia you'll find everything you may need



Bed and Breakfast Savoia is surrounded by parks which give to you a wide of choice of routes for your jogging.
Remember that,usually, Roman's Villas are open from dawn till dusk.

While the last one is only available by booking, you can get to Villa Borghese in a very few minutes.

Villa Borghese has two jogging tracks, the longer in Piazza di Siena; the myriad paths throughout the park - perfect for running - will bring you to monumental places as Galleria Borghese, Pincio, Piazza di Siena Porta Pinciana

Villa Torlonia, off Via Nomentana, has a track set amidst tropical trees and paths lined with lush flowers.

You can get to Villa Torlonia from Bed and Breakfast Savoia walking down via Savoia, crossing Corso Trieste, just after the small and just remade Villa Paganini.

Very particular - inside Villa Torlonia (residence of Benito Mussolini during the Fascist period) - the Casina delle Civette, which hosts the artistic painted glasses museum.







A selection of pages about transport and connection in Rome.
From the Fiumicino airport to the B&B Savoia

Private (and turistic) Transport

Here a list of private companies providing transport in the Roman area.

Carrani Group
The CARRANI GROUP , offers an unlimited amount of solutions and is proud to have strong relationships with travel agencies throughout the world. (From U.S. to Japan, from South America to Australia) Today it is capable in assisting almost 200 thousand passengers a year and is considered a point of reference in organising congresses and for the hospitality reserved for representatives of important American institutions. (source www.carrani.com)
Information and booking : Mon-Sat from 8am to 5pm call 800281281
BUS 110 Everyday departures from Piazza dei Cinquecento every 15 minutes from 8,40am to 8,25pm
ARCHEOBUS Everyday HOURLY departures from Piazza dei Cinquecento from 9,50am to 4,30pm
CHRISTIAN ROME Daily from 8,30am to 7,30pm every 30 minutes from Termini Station
TOUR OF THE BASILICAS Daily from 8,00am to 7,20pm every 40 minutes from Termini Station

Public Transport

City of Rome only has 2 line of underground, which are of course not enough to reach the city in a proper capillary level.
From the B&B Savoia we have several Bus lines nearby which will bring you to the main City attractions in a very few minutes.

For your convenience, we have here a Map of the City with Public Transport lines.

note: tickets rates raised a bit recently.
updates http://atac.roma.it/

Bus Tickets

This page contains expired informations

BUS Tickets (usually from 5.30am to midnight)

  • BIT Integrated Time Ticket:
  • BIG Integrated Daily Ticket
  • BTI Integrated Tourist Ticket

BIT - Integrated Time Ticket


Euro 1,00


75 minutes from the first validation.

In order to be valid, the BIT ticket must always be stamped at the beginning of the bus ride or upon entering the subway platform (before the 75-minute expiration, the ticket must be re-stamped in oder to remain valid for the entire trip).
Validating machines are located: on the buses, trams, the Roma-Pantano and Roma-La Giustiniana trains, subway turnstile entrances, Roma-Lido trains and FS trains.

Sales Outlets

- automatic tickets dispensers
- authorized vendors

Where you can use

- Atac buses
- Cotral buses (urban routes)
- Cotral Trains: Roma "Lido, Roma" Viterbo (Rome - Sacrofano leg), Roma Pantano
- A and B subways (for one trip , including those requiring switching lines without having to pass through the turnstile)
- FS trains (one trip, one direction)

Pay Attention

The BIT ticket must be conserved until the carrier has arrived at its destination, and shown, upon request, to the ticket inspector.

BIT tickets purchased at the B line subway stations are of a different size than standard tickets and can therefore be validated only at the B line subway stations.

BIG - Integrated Daily Ticket


Euro 4,00


Up to midnight of the day on which the ticket is validated; good for unlimited rides within the territory of the Roma municipality.

In order to be valid, the BIG ticket must always be stamped at the beginning of the first trip.

Validating machines are located: on the buses, trams, the Roma-Pantano and Roma-La Giustiniana trains, subway turnstile entrances, Roma-Lido trains and FS trains.

Sales Outlets

- automatic tickets dispensers
authorized sales outlets

Where you can use

- Atac buses
- Cotral buses (urban routes)
- Cotral Trains: Roma "Lido, Roma "Viterbo (Rome - Sacrofano leg), Roma "Pantano
- A and B subways
- FS trains 2 cl. on urban routes

Pay Attention

The BIG ticket must be conserved until the carrier has arrived at its destination, and shown, upon request, to the ticket inspector.
BIG tickets purchased at the B line subway stations are of a different size than standard tickets and can therefore be validated only at the B line subway stations.

BTI - Integrated Tourist Ticket


Euro 11,00


Up to midnight of the third day inclusive of that on which it was first stamped and for an unlimited number of journeys within the Rome municipality.

In order to be valid, a BTI ticket must be stamped (at the beginning of the first journey) on its first day of use.

Sales Outlets

- Atac SpA ticket offices
Automatic ticket dispensers
- Authorized sales outlets

Where you can use

- on urban buses and trams;
on Co.Tra.L. SpA buses (urban routes of these bus lines);
on underground lines (A and b);
on trains of railways: Rome-Lido, Rome-Viterbo (in the Rome -Sacrofano section), Rome-Pantano;
on Trenitalia SpA trains (only 2nd class on urban routes)

Pay Attention

The BTI ticket must be preserved and shown on request to the control personnel on all means of transport and in the subway and railways station.

If the validating machine on the tram or bus is out of order, the passenger must write on the ticket date, time and vehicle number. If this occurs on a subway station, the passenger must have the ticket validated by the station personnel.

Updated info by ATAC public transport company

Maps of Information Points In Rome

When in Rome, You'll probably need those kiosks to get some info or buy a Roma PASS.

Here's the list of PIT (punti d' informazione turistica) in Rome [see map]:

  • (A) PIT Castel S. Angelo, Lungotevere Vaticano (Piazza Pia). 9.30am - 7.00pm
  • (B) PIT Ciampino, Aeroporto G.B.Pastine - Arrivi Internazionali, area ritiro bagagli. 9.30am - 6.30pm
  • (C)PIT Cinque Lune, Piazza delle Cinque Lune (Piazza Navona). 9.30am - 7.00pm
  • (D)PIT Fiumicino, Aeroporto Leonardo Da Vinci - International Arrival area (between Terminal B and C). 9.00am - 6.30pm
  • (E)PIT Minghetti, Via Marco Minghetti (angolo Via del Corso). 9.30am - 7.00pm
  • (F)PIT Nazionale, Via Nazionale (Palazzo delle Esposizioni). 9.30am - 7.00pm
  • (G)PIT S. Maria Maggiore, Via dell'Olmata. 9.30am - 7.00pm
  • (H)PIT Termini, Stazione Termini - Via Giovanni Giolitti, 34. 8.00am - 8.00pm
  • (I)PIT Trastevere, Piazza Sidney Sonnino. 9.30am - 7.00pm

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110 Open - Turistic Bus in Rome

110 Open - Bed and Breakfastsavoia.it

These double decker buses takes you on a tour of Rome and you can get on and off at designated stops. In the Open version, you can soak up some sun as you see the sights. There are hostesses on board as well as audio-guides in 6 languages. The buses depart from the main train station from 8.40 to 20.25 and take you to the Colosseum, Bocca della Verita', Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and via Veneto.
This bus also require a special ticket.
The cost is 13 euro and is valid for the entire day.
The bus leaves every 15 minutes from 8.40 to 20.25.
Turistic Bus Stop - Bed and Breakfast Savoia in Rome
Get there from Piazza Fiume by bus N. 38 or 86 or 92 or 380.
ArcheoBus - Bed and Breakfast Savoia
updated at: "2006-11-28 07:11:34 +0000"
more info at: http://www.trambusopen.com/

From B&B Savoia to Hadrian Villa

How to get from the B&B Savoia to Villa Adriana in Tivoli

  • Roman BUS
    • (A)go to stop C.SO D'ITALIA/P.ZA FIUME and take Line No 490 (STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB))to 14 stops 490 ogni 7 min.
    • (B)get off at stop STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB)
    • walk 50 metres to Tiburtina (stazione),1
  • Local Train
    • Get a local train to Tivoli till Stazione di Tivoli
  • Tivoli CAT Bus
    • From the Tivoli Train Station, get the Bus "CAT 4" or "CAT 4x" to Archeoligical Area of "Villa Adriana". The bus ticket is 1 Euro. Estimated time for the CAT bus - 15 minutes

Villa Hadriana (detail): Villa Hadriana (detail)
The ticket for the Villa is 6.5 Euro
For more info see the web page http://www.villa-adriana.net/

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From B&B Savoia to the Colosseo (ENG)

We've planned for you this trip by BUS that will bring you from the B&B Savoia to the Colusseum, passing through the historical center of Rome.

During this 20-30 minutes journey you'll see La Fontana del Tritone (by Bernini), Piazza Colonna , Piazza Venezia with the Unknown Soldier Monument, the Roman Forum and finally the Colusseum.

Very short and cheap.

Beware of Pickpocket!
You just don't forget to keep an eye on your wallet and your bag!


  • Departure from roma via savoia , 72 walk 250 meters
  • go to stop VITERBO Info Time take Line No 80 (PARTIGIANI (FS)) to 6 stops 80 every 12 min.
  • get off at stop COLOSSEO (MB) Info Time walk 350 meters
  • to roma piazza del colosseo , 1 distance covered (metres) 4700 meters


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From B&B Savoia to the Stazione Tiburtina (Espanol)

Salida de Fiume (piazza),1

  • ir a la parada C.SO D'ITALIA/P.ZA FIUME
  • Coger la línea 491 (STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB))para :14 paradas : 491 ogni 8 min.
  • Bajar a la parada STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB)
  • A pie para 50 metros :

Hasta la llegada Tiburtina (stazione),1 Metros recorridos 3600 metros :

From Fiumicino Airport to the Bed and Breakfast

Getting to the Bed and breakfast Savoia from Fiumicino airport is very fast and easy.


By Train + Bus (Public Transport)

When landed at Fiumicino airport, go and get the TRENO DIRETTO LEONARDO

Some quick info about the train:

  • The ticket is around 20€ Euro per person (check official website)
  • It takes 31 minutes
  • Leaves from Fiumicino every 30 minutes, from 6:37 to 23:37 (which means there's a train at 6:37, 7:07, 7:37 and so on ).
    On the way back, from Termini to Fiumicino every 30 minutes, from 5:52 alle 22:52 (which means there's a train at 5:52, 6:22, 7:22 and so on ).

note: Many people reported Terravision Bus as cheap and effective alternative to more expensive Leonardo Train. Online reservation available

From Termini to B&B Savoia

When at Termini Station, walk along the railtracks till Piazza dei Cinquecento (the square in front of the station) where you'll find both taxi and bus available for you.

When outside the Termini Train Station (Piazza dei Cinquecento), walk to Via Volturno (Train Station at your shoulders, walk right) till Volturno/Cernaia bus stop. From there you have a few Busses to FIUME Bus Stop. Timetables and further details available at http://goto.bbsavoia.it


If you prefer to get a taxi from Termini instead, please be sure to get an official TAXI.
Always ask the driver for the charge, which should be:

  • From Fiumicino Airport to B&B Savoia: fixed 48€
  • From Ciampino Airport to B&B Savoia: fixed 42€
  • From Stazione Termini to B&B Savoia: around 10 euro

note: Large bags, banking days, night service usually means extra charge

Check updates on: http://www.comune.roma.it/

From Statione Tiburtina to the B&B Savoia (ENG)

  • (A)Go to the bus stop STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB) and get the bus 491
  • (B)get off the bus at the 14th bus stop (C.SO D'ITALIA/P.ZA FIUME)
  • (C)walk to Piazza Fiume
  • walk Via Salaria (beetwenn the Rinascente mall and the BNL Bank)
  • walk right at the 3rd street (you are in Via Savoia now) till number 72

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Roma, Bus 80. Cheap, Easy and effective

There's a bus every 5 minutes or so, which will get you in the hearth of the Histotical Center of Rome in 5 minutes.
As usual, get standard tickets in advance at tobaco shop or news paper stands, or get a Roma Pass.
Most of time, just get a 75 minutes (1,5 Euro ticket) per way and you'll be allright.

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  • Orange: B&B Savoia
  • A: American Ambassade
  • B: Tritone Fountain
  • C: Spanish Steps
  • D: Trevi Fountain
  • E: Pantheon
  • F: Navona Square
  • G: Trajan's Market
  • H: Foro Romano
  • I: Colosseo
  • J: Campo de' Fiori
  • Red Polygon: Trastevere Neighbourhood (nice at night)


Bus 80. Cheap, Easy and effective
Via Viterbo by the Mignon cinema
Roma, RM
41° 54' 42.0732" N, 12° 29' 53.5704" E


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  • Partenza da via savoia,72  
  • A piedi per 250 metri fino alla fermata VITERBO  
  • (A) Prendere la linea 80 (S. SILVESTRO) per 2 fermate 80 ogni 6 min.  
  • (B)Scendere alla fermata BARBERINI (MA)
  • A piedi per 50 metri fino alla fermata Barberini
  • Prendere la linea METRO A (BATTISTINI) per 8 fermate METRO A ogni 3 min. 
  • Scendere alla fermata Cornelia. A piedi per 100 metri fino alla fermata C.NE CORNELIA/AURELIA  
  • (C) Prendere la linea 246 (MALAGROTTA) per 3 fermate 246 ogni 12 min.   Scendere alla fermata AURELIA/DA ROSATE A piedi per 150 metri
  • (D) fino all'arrivo via aurelia,619   Metri percorsi 9400 metri

From B&B Savoia to Piazza Navona (ENG)

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Going to Piazza Navona from the B&B Savoia is a good chance to take an overview to the Historical center of Rome from the BUS.When changing bus at BARBERINI, I would strongly suggest to you to take a look at the Fontana del Tritone del Bernini. Absolutly worth it!

  • Departure from Fiume (piazza),1
  • (A)take bus n. 80 from bus stop VITERBO till S. Claudio a bus every 4 min avg)
  • (B)Walk to Piazza Navona direction, by Pantheon and more historical spots.
  • (C) Arrival to Piazza Navona, in 10-15 minutes time

Roma, From BBSavoia to Vatican Bus #490@Piazza Fiume

From B&B Savoia to Vatican by Bus number 490. Go to Piazza Fiume, by the BNL [Banca nazionale del Lavoro]. At the bus stop you'll get the bus 490. 12 bus stop and 15 minutes you'll arrive a few meters away from the Vatican museum entrance.


From BBSavoia to Vatican Bus #490@Piazza Fiume
Piazza Fiume
Roma, RM
41° 54' 39.7008" N, 12° 29' 53.7468" E

From B&B Savoia to the Vatican / Sistine Chapel

From the Bed and breakfast Savoia you can easily reach the Vatican by the BUS N. 490
Here's the plan:

  • (A) Start From Piazza Fiume bus stop
    FIUME (in front BNL Bank)
  • Get the line 490 (direction CORNELIA ) for 12 bus stops 490 every 6 min.
  • (B) Leave the bus at DORIA A./L.GO TRIONFALE
  • Walk Via Leone IV 500 meters
  • (C) Turn left Via del Vaticano

Total distance: 4800 meters

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