Von B&B Savoia nach AltStadt (Kolosseum, Trevi, Pantheon) in minuten

Sie können in wenigen Minuten in die Altstadt mit dem Autobus fahren.

  • 1. Von unserer Wohnung gehen Sie die Via Savoia bis zur Ampel (Kreuzung Salaria Straße)
  • 2. An der Ampel biegen Sie links ab und gehen weiter bis zur Ampel. Sie sehen links die Kreuzung Via Viterbo
  • 3. An der Ampel biegen Sie links ab und gehen Sie weiter weiter zur Bushaltestelle "Viterbo", neben dem Kino.
  • 4. Dann nehmen Sie den Bus Linie 80. Er fährt von hier in Richtung Partigiani(Linie 80) oder Piazza Venezia (Linie 80B). Diese Autobusse sind perfekt für Ihre Ausflüge.

Von Flughafen zu B&B Savoia (Fiumicino oder Ciampino)

Rom hat zwie Flughafen: Fiumicino oder Fiumicino.

Sie zu Flughafen kommen, und Sie brauchen die B&B Savoia ankommen.

Sie haben hier mehrere Lösungen (von billiger zu teuer):

. Shuttle to Termini ( http://www.terravision.eu/tedesco/ ) dann Bus(I) oder Fuß (II)
. Leonardo Train to termini ( http://www.trenitalia.com/ ) dann Bus(I) oder Fuß(II)
. Shuttle to B&B Savoia ( III )
. Taxi to B&B Savoia ( IV )
. Car (unbesonnen)

I) Von Termini zu das B&B Savoia - zu Fuß (1.6 km - 20 minutes etwa)

. Von Piazza dei Cinquecento (vorbei Hauptbahnhof)

Get your bus ticket before getting on board

expired ticket

The very moment before you goe in a Roman Bus, you need a bus ticket.
And I really mean it. That's because you can't rely on the onborad machine selling tickets.

From my last 2 experiences:

exp 1: on bus number 716, I get on without ticket, confident to buy it on board. I did get one. Still I inserted a 2 euro coin, just a second before reading on the box itself :"questa macchina non da resto". (trad: "this machine doesn't give back change").
Result: 2 euro paid for 1,5 value.

From B&B Savoia to the Sapienza University

when at the B&B Savoia, you can reach the Sapienza university in minutes:

  • From (A) to (B): 5 minutes on foot
  • From (B) to (C): 5 minutes by tram n. 3 or n. 19

Roma, Bus Da Roma Tiburtina a Siena

Il collegamento Roma-Siena è uno dei più semplici e comodi di tutta la rete di trasporti che partono dalla capitale.

Ho fatto avanti e indietro per due anni a causa dell’università e mi sono sempre trovata benissimo.


Bus Da Roma Tiburtina a Siena Roma, RM

Roma, One day trip: Rome to Siena (by bus)

[a software traslated this text... sorry for mistakes. Original italian text here]

The connection from Rome to Siena is one of the most simple and comfortable throughout the transport network departing from the capital.

I did back and forth for two years because of the University and I have always found it very well.

Train would required a change at Chiusi and then take a bus to reach the center of Siena - the bus is to be comfortable and always punctual.


One day trip: Rome to Siena (by bus) Roma, RM

Roma, From BBSavoia to Vatican Bus #490@Piazza Fiume

From B&B Savoia to Vatican by Bus number 490. Go to Piazza Fiume, by the BNL [Banca nazionale del Lavoro]. At the bus stop you'll get the bus 490. 12 bus stop and 15 minutes you'll arrive a few meters away from the Vatican museum entrance.


From BBSavoia to Vatican Bus #490@Piazza Fiume
Piazza Fiume
Roma, RM
41° 54' 39.7008" N, 12° 29' 53.7468" E

Roma, Bus 80. Cheap, Easy and effective

There's a bus every 5 minutes or so, which will get you in the hearth of the Histotical Center of Rome in 5 minutes.
As usual, get standard tickets in advance at tobaco shop or news paper stands, or get a Roma Pass.
Most of time, just get a 75 minutes (1,5 Euro ticket) per way and you'll be allright.


Bus 80. Cheap, Easy and effective
Via Viterbo by the Mignon cinema
Roma, RM
41° 54' 42.0732" N, 12° 29' 53.5704" E

Roma, 110 Open Bus Terminal


110 Open Bus Terminal Roma, RM
41° 53' 57.0444" N, 12° 30' 10.8756" E

From B&B Savoia to Trastevere (ENG)

- Go to the bus stop "SICILIA/FIUME"
- Take the bus No 63 (direction P.ZA MONTE SAVELLO (H)) for 10 stops (there's a bus every 15 min.)
- Leave the bus at "VIA TORRE ARGENTINA"
- Go to the bus stop "ARGENTINA"
- Take the tram No 8 (direction CASALETTO for 2 stops (there's a tram every 6 min.)
- Leave the tram at "BELLI"
distance parcourue (mètres) 4200 mètres

You've arrived at Trastevere.

These bus service will work till midnight.

From midnight to 5.30 am you can come back to the B&B Savoia by the 60 (N)ight bus