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From Saturday, July 2 to Sunday, September 18 a thematic route allows you to visit the Domus Augustana and the Domus Flavia long been foreclosed to visit or bound by restrictive access times.

The stairs behind the Museum go down the peristyle of the Domus Augustana and the Stadium, continuing on the same path you pass under the imposing arches of the vaulted structures Severiane to reach the exclusive path of the gate and a path along the hillside subsequently reaches Pedagogium.
Due to the presence of stairs, the path is not accessible to wheelchair users.


Overnight Venice

Fancy spending a couple of days in Venice without breaking your holiday budget? From Rome, you can. You can reach Venice (the Center of) from Rome Tiburtina Station by train in 3h 23m.

This means: From B&B Savoia to Venice in almost 4 hours. Not too bad, right?

Worried about your large bags? No need to. As B&B Savoia guest, you can - well, most of time - park your large bags here for free.

Get your bus ticket before getting on board

expired ticket

The very moment before you goe in a Roman Bus, you need a bus ticket.
And I really mean it. That's because you can't rely on the onborad machine selling tickets.

From my last 2 experiences:

exp 1: on bus number 716, I get on without ticket, confident to buy it on board. I did get one. Still I inserted a 2 euro coin, just a second before reading on the box itself :"questa macchina non da resto". (trad: "this machine doesn't give back change").
Result: 2 euro paid for 1,5 value.